Thursday, September 6, 2007

Asian blog with posts on Thailand

Here is a blog about Asia: asia hotel news, with a category for posts about Thailand. It is a fairly new blog with the earliest post, Top 5 Ways to Spot Lady Boys in Thailand dated July 13, 2007. This post gives tips about males who changed their sex to females and include the following tips on how to spot them:

1/ Check for Adam’s apple

2/ Check facial features

3/ Check the hips

4/ Check other bodily features

5/ Check passport

The blog seems fairly active, with 3 posts in July 2007, 5 posts in August 2007 and 1 post in September. The latest post is Ten Things To Do If You Are Trapped On An Island dated September 6, 2007.

Here is a post on what the blog is all about: Asia Hotels. This post is dated July 5, 2007, but never appear in the July archive. This would not be possible if the blog uses Google Blogger as the blogging platform, but a check on the page source revealed that it is using Wordpress 2.2.1. Wish I have time to try out Wordpress.


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